Food Safety
Ann Anders
Promoting Food Safety Through Education

Food Safety:

Food Safety is vital to any establishment serving food. And yet in the
day-to-day routine, the fundamental basics are often lost in the
hustle and bustle.

Are your employees trained to the point that they are consciously
aware of food safety practices on a daily basis?

Are safe food practices THE STANDARD and expected way of doing

Do you wish…

Hi Ann here...

I have an extensive background in the food industry.  

I have worked in regulatory agencies, in the" industry" community,
as a private contractor.

I have been conducting training and education for  29 years.

I can help YOU.  Check out the About Me and Services pages to get
more details.
Anders Enterprises, Inc.
You had help training your employees on a schedule
that works for YOU?
Had someone to conduct "friendly" audits on how to do
things better?
Get help to do better on your health inspections?
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